Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shabby Tissue Box part 1

I'm crafty.

Not look-at-the-macaroni-necklace-I-made-in-girl-scouts kind of crafty but rather Martha Stewart should be worried kind of crafty.

Yep. I said it.

Recently, my sweet Judd gave me a random bag of prizes from Target & I immediately saw projects in my future!

The first one being to use these bright, cheery napkins.

The J could be for Judd/Jennie! :)

I found this wooded tissue box at my favorite bargain store Salvation Army! It even had a base coat of white paint on it already!

The price was a whopping... 

50 cents! Sold baby!

So I separated the napkins (they were 2-ply) and cut very messily around the designs. Then I glued them down in a cute pattern. 

Why not just glue the napkin 'as is' on the sides? Because it didn't fit correctly, leaving a border of nothingness around the sides which my OCD deemed unacceptable.

I didn't even bother using fancy Mod Podge. Plain old Elmer's works just fine for the super thin tissue paper.
I tried to leave the paper somewhat crinkled so it would have texture but it flattened out a good bit when I put the top layer of glue on.

This is as far as I've gotten because life, being ever abundant, has paused my craftiness.

More to come...

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