Monday, November 29, 2010

Things I am Thankful For

* Jesus Christ died for me and I have a home with Him in Heaven.

* I get to buy my precious nephew his very first 'big boy Bible.'

* I get outbid on the eBay things I really don't want anyway.

* Lite 96.9 plays all Christmas 24/7 from Thanksgiving until New Year's.

* My freckles will forever make me look younger than I really am.

* I can actually feel the love of my close friends.

* Cherry candy canes are only 99 cents.

* I know how to knit.

* Life here on Earth is short, the pain is only temporary.

* I know how to drive a straight shift.

* My turkey was picture perfect this year.

* My family trusts me to be the caretaker for my Grandmother.

* When I tweet, I feel like a celebrity.

* Redbox movies.

* A boss who asks how I am and genuinely wants to hear my response.

* Alabama football.

* Harry Potter.

* I have so many good books to read it's hard to pick one to start with.

* Being told I'm beautiful by someone who's not related to me.

* Friendly dogs.

* Hershey's with almonds.

* Good tires.

* Dates where you have the best time not really doing anything at all.

* High speed Internet.

* Sonic Ice.

* Getting the 'thank you' wave when letting someone in front of me in traffic.

* Making it through to the other side of the hardest year of my life.

* Looking more like my Mother every year.

* Gadsden is only 45 minutes away.

* Sunday afternoon naps.

* I have a retirement fund.

* Knowing Doondaddy is listening.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Don't get riled up!

Oh dear. I knew this day would come. Well, I hoped this day would come but in the same way you look forward to buying a new car or getting a drastic haircut. You know it's for your own good and it needs to happen but it's gonna hurt a little.

I....went on a date.


After joining 2 dating sites at the near insistence of my friend I met (can you say 'meet' when it's online?) a nice guy who stood out quite a bit from the freak shows and wackadoodles.

I have a fairly outgoing personality so I'd been asked out before since the big D but those were all answered with an I'm-flattered-but-I-just-don't-think-I'm-ready mantra. It just rolled right off the tongue. Even after I was ready I used this excuse I admit. It really is flattering to be asked though. My sorely bruised ego was grateful for that.

I sort of had in mind a long string of first dates. You know, lots of dinner and polite, entry-level get-to-know-you questions, a brief family history, the highlights of my resume, a peck on the cheek and call it a night.

As God continues to show me however, I do not make the plans.

New Guy is nice. Really nice. And while I pictured myself (for the first time in my life) dating around for an extended period before any chaps got a second date things are not going like I thought.

New Guy is pretty awesome and we've been on several dates. I have given only the barest of essential details to the fam (i.e. He's tall. He lives in Gadsden.) much to their exaspiration. My reply when they point out I'm grinning like an idiot is to say, "Don't get riled up" and then quickly change the subject. I think it's working about as well as that time I denied opening half my Christmas presents while Mom & Dad were gone and acting shocked when the tags were already off some of the clothes.

I really don't know what is wrong with me but doing the casual, laid back thing has never been my strong suit. Now, I'm not picking out china patterns with New Guy but at the same time I told the latest enquirer that I was 'seeing somebody.'

I'm seeing somebody. OMG

I'm being seen by somebody!

Maybe I should look in the mirror next time I say, 'Don't get riled up!'