Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have a new obsession: pinterest. It satisfies several of my quirks at once: crafty things, organizing into groups & planning for future projects.

This is what I've pinned today:

I love really great photography, especially if the subject is edible. To me, it's FOOD PORN! This pin is a quick reminder of set up and proof that you don't have to have a fancy DSLR (but I NEEEED one!) to take great photos.


One day I imagine myself all June Clever-esque with my happy little ones tugging on my apron strings. Whilst in my pearls I hoist them atop the counter to help me make magical things such as this edible chocolate play dough.


I love organization. Ok...my OCD loves organization, the rest of me is a pig. Anywho...this is brilliant & I already have a little sandwich bag full of these bread tags to label all of my cords like a pro. Sadly, I can't find said baggie BUT as soon as I do I'll be a bread tagging fool!


This looks delicious. I've made galettes with apples many times but never peaches. Only one minor change...I'd have to peel the peaches. Jenn doesn't eat fuzz. I'll save this one for later since I'm on a diet & have a fridge full of beautiful, colorful, doesn't-taste-like-a-Big-Mac-but-I-can-dream veggies to prove it. I'll file this one away in my FOOD PORN section. Don't judge me.
Peach Galette
I FREAKING LOVE FALL! And this wreath is beautiful. It sells at Williams-Sonoma (swoon) for $100 and the tutorial says they made it for $25. I bet I could best them & crank one out for about $10. Suckers.
Hi. My name is Jennie. I have Misophonia.
brief pause
(group all together) "Hi Jennie."