Monday, September 27, 2010

Go Team! (sort of)

The pigskin is something that's always been illusive to me. I dare admit that I, a born and bred Southerner, haven't a clue what those corn-fed chaps are doing scurrying about on the field. They would revoke my Southern Belle card, but I make a banana puddin' so perfect it would make you weep.

There's a scene in Driving Miss Daisy where Morgan Freeman is telling Jessica Tandy that he can't read. She counters with, "But I see you looking at the paper all the time." He explains, "But that's just it, I just be a lookin'." It's kind of the same for me, but not as profound.

I love everything about football: The cool weather, the excited fans, tailgating, entire outfits and a host of other merchandise devoted to the people you're watching. It's very similar to what the theatre is to me. Hell, if people were grilling hot dogs outside Broadway I'd say they were one in the same.

I almost broke down and bought An Idiot's Guide to Football on but my pride prevented it. Thanks to the internet and a few teen angst movies from my high school days I know lots of terms so I know when to cheer and when to be sad, angry, etc. When it comes to real-time play however, I just be a lookin'.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Incredible Shrinking Woman

I'm not a big fan of change. That's putting it mildly. It's more accurate to say that any change freaks me out to the point where the only appeasement is to make detailed To Do lists, plan a week of menus and organize the freezer. What can I say? I'm a girl who likes to plan.

Since I involuntarily had to let go of some things this year,

*cough* - husband/divorce - *cough* - Grandfather/death - *cough* - apartment/income - *cough* - freedom/Grandmother - *cough* - friends/married people think divorce in contagious - *cough* - Internet/aforementioned Grandmother thinks it's evil - *cough* - family/apparently I have exhausted my allotted time frame to grieve for husband & Grandfather and should be all chipper again - *cough**cough**cough*

I decided to voluntarily let go of something I've been holding on to for a long time, my old clothes.

Let it be noted that I am not now, nor have I ever been materialistic. My choice to hoard sweaters, skirts and the like from my younger (and albeit thinner days) is almost purely financial. Almost.

A massive, three-day consignment event is coming up and I am bidding goodbye to Jennie circa (mumbling a year) once and for all.

Going through the Rubbermaid boxes of clothes I remember wearing to homecoming games, special dates, Christmas parties and weddings it's hard not to be nostalgic. But I'm on a mission here so I'm tagging my memories for about $2 a pop. HA!

There's one other thing I've lost over the months...weight! And while sorting my piles I decided to try on a few just for fun. I know what you're thinking and NO, I didn't keep all the clothes. I limited myself to 5 things to keep from several hundred so shut it.

In keeping with the theme of this blog and being all happy and crap I am looking on the bright side. I'll have more space, earn a bit of money and have rediscovered the cutest Banana Republic skirt I can proudly park my incredibly shrinking behind into.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Such is the Circle of Consumeristic America

Don't you just love balancing your checkbook after payday
and see that plump, sunny figure?

Don't you just hate the wee anorexic balance that's left
after all your bills are paid?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Toxic by Britney Spears topped the charts
The National World War II Memorial opened in Washington, D.C.
Friend, Frasier and Sex and the City all aired their final episodes
A tsunami in Asia kills almost 300,000 people
Shrek 2, Harry Potter and Million Dollar Baby dominated the box office
Janet Jackson had a 'wardrobe malfunction' on live tv during the Super Bowl
Everyone freaked when gas hit a (then) all-time high of $2.11 per gallon
Ken Jennings won $2.5 million on Jeopardy

The CIA admitted there was 'no immanent threat' of weapons of mass destruction before the U.S. invasion if Iraq in 2003
Martha Stewart was sentenced to 5 months in prison for insider trading

Julia Child, Christopher Reeve, Marlon Brando and Ronald Regan died

Oh, I almost forgot. It was the last year I went on a first date. Yikes.