Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I feel pretty

I'm cheap as hell thrifty.

I like drug store beauty products (stacked with a coupon & sale of course) but swoon over incredibly high end luxuries. I then scour the web & consult my army of beauty bloggers for dupes. It's like a game. Or war. Whatever.

Treating myself is something I don't normally do because of the guilt (seriously, like a Jewish Grandmother!) in my head so I decided a manicure is just the ticket. NOT a salon manicure where you can catch your death from a nail file these days (I warned you I have a Jewish Grandmother in my head) but one of my own design - FOR FREE!

This was my Easter manicure using Wet N Wild's Tickled Pink with an accent nail (yep, I'm 32 & doing an accent nail like the 20-somethings!) of Petite's Vintage Grey & Mary Kay's French White dots.

I was so excited to be all fancy that I posted it on my fav beauty guru's page & got so many sweet comments! Check it out HERE.

I'm thinking this should become a Sunday night thing. 

It makes me feel pretty.

And it's free.

And nice comments from people in the beauty world makes me feel special.

Don't judge.

Oy vey.

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