Thursday, August 19, 2010

Four-Eyes No More!

I wear glasses.

Correction: I wear glasses for the 40+ hours a week I'm at work staring at a computer all day. They only have a slight prescription so I don't have to have them to see properly. The moment I get home they're ripped off and forgotten until morning.

With vanity running amok, I have desperately wanted contacts since about hour #2 after my first pair of glasses 6 years ago. One prior attempt didn't turn out so hot, and I've only got myself to blame.

See, I'm curious. After my 'better or worse, 1 or 2, A or B' session and the doctor had written down my adjustments I was left with the butterfly contraption in the dark room for about half an hour dilated like Japanese Anime. I thought we were finished. I mean, he wrote stuff down! After the 20-minute-mark (ok, ok, the 3-minute-mark) I got bored and played with all the knobs and dials. I was like Optometrist Barbie. Same girl, no training, just happened to run across an accessory pack with the proper occupational theme.

Come on, who doesn't want to play with this?

After awhile I was bored again so I just sat there and waited.

This is where things get tricky. Doc walks back in, checks out the butterfly contraption I'd been playing with and Writes. Stuff. Down. Yikes! All of the sudden I'm 5 years old trying to hide the magic markers so I won't be suspected of the fresh artwork on the wall! I panicked. I wanted to tell him but I just couldn't out myself. I would later find out the second set of numbers he got were for my contact prescription. Guess I don't have to tell you they didn't work out so well.

Guess I don't also have to tell you that I have a new optometrist.

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